About Us

Hello + Welcome to Ben Rabbit!

 We are a small family business, run by a mother Michelle, with a little help from her husband and inspired by our two young children.

 Ben Rabbit was born from a desire to create beautiful products for little people, with an appreciation for great design, quality + natural products.

 Our apparel range consists of quality basics + timeless pieces that are made to last. Each item is designed by us, handmade or printed in our small studio in Bristol, United Kingdom.

 Where possible we will use 100% cotton, providing comfort +  quality making dressing easy + safe for both baby + mom.

 We believe in a lifestyle of purchasing quality over quantity + make sure each item is unique and + made to last. Each item is made to order so that we do not carry stock that may go to waste. It's 2019 and we should all be striving to make eco-friendly products, that’s why you will find that each item is packaged with 100% sustainable packaging, right down to the compostable mailer.

We hope you find something you like!



  I love to create, I love to make! I’ve always loved making things with my hands, and somehow when I entered the corporate world I lost a bit of that magic. When I was pregnant with my son I struggled to find unique and affordable baby clothing, that was good quality and still beautiful. I saw a gap in the market and took it from there and so began the story of Ben Rabbit.”